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What if one or both of us is divorced/widowed?
This is not a problem, the only difference is that you have to send your decree of divorce/death to the Gretna registration office when you send in your marriage notice forms. Please note, a minister is still more than happy to marry you if you have been divorced.

Can we Renew Our Vows/ Blessing Ceremony?
Yes we can arrange a renewal of vows service for you at any of the Gretna wedding venues. The cost of the hire of the venue/ministers fee would be the same as for a wedding, but there are no legal fees of course.

How soon can we marry?
We recommend giving 4 weeks notice, to allow time for the paperwork to be processed, but it is possible to complete the legalities in 15 days, if you just can't wait!

What are the legal costs?
The registration office charge £70 for their making up your marriage schedule (Ministers ceremony only). This is payable direct to the registry office when you submit your forms. With a registrars ceremony, this is included in their fees.

What kind of ceremony is it?
You can have either a religious ceremony (performed by a minister) or a civil ceremony (perfomed by a registrar) it's your choice. The vows spoken during a civil ceremony are quite brief and you both make fairly straightforward declarations. A ministers service is a religious ceremony and is a bit more intimate, incorporating some of the Gretna Green traditions (like striking the anvil at the end of the service)and personal touches. A ministers fee is £150, but a registrar costs quite a bit more. The registrars fee changes depending on which day you get married; £255 (weekdays) £335 (Saturdays) £376 (Sundays) and this includes the Marriage notice/certificate fee.

Do we have to pay everything now?
No, with our Basic Package option, we would only require a £300 deposit to secure your chosen date/time, all other services added can be paid at a later date to suit you. With our Complete Package we would only require a deposit of £700 in order to secure all the services for you.

How soon should we book?
Some of the venues tend to get booked up really quite far in advance, especially on Saturdays and in the summer months, so it's best to book as soon as you can to make sure you get your first choice of date and time.

How long does the ceremony last?
This depends on whether your ceremony is being performed by a minister or a registrar. Typically, a minister's service will be longer, lasting around 25 minutes, however each minister's ceremony differs slightly. A registrar will take around 10 - 15 minutes to perform the ceremony. Once the ceremony is complete, you and your witnesses sign the marriage schedule. This can take from 5 to 10 minutes for everyone to complete the documentation.

Do we have to reside in Scotland before the wedding?
No, so long as your m10 forms are received by the registration office at least 15 working days before the wedding date, you do not need to physically be in Scotland until the day of the wedding.

Can we marry on a Sunday?
Yes, you can marry on any day of the week in Scotland.

Can I arrange a 'surprise' wedding for my partner?
By law both parties have to fill out separate marriage notice forms prior to the wedding. This means that both parties must be aware of the wedding beforehand, however we can keep the details of what you have booked a secret, pipers, cars, accommodation etc.

Recognised in?
A Scottish wedding is recognized as legal in all countries.